About Digital Treasures Center

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Who We Are

Digital Treasures Center Pte Ltd (“DTC”), an enterprise solutions provider incorporated in Singapore in 2019. Leveraging on “distributed ledger technology + finance” as the research and development technology direction, DTC provides fully-compliant technology solutions for major enterprises. DTC offers merchants online services for accepting digital payment solutions including payment settlement, debit card and digital wallet.

DTC provides an alternative payment solution for Merchants, which is secure, faster and more cost-efficient as compared to the traditional payment solutions. Merchants could benefit from shorter settlement time, lower transaction cost and reduced administrative charges related to setting up and maintenance of the payment solution.

Meet Our Team

The Founding Team Members

Digital Treasures Center Pte Ltd was founded in 2019 by a team of professionals with over 10 years of experience in the financial industry (such as China Minsheng Banking Corporation, Financial PR,  BNP Paribas and Payment start-up company).

At Digital Treasures Center, our vision is to provide merchants and consumers with a fast, secure and cost-efficient payment solution that satisfy the needs of every party within the supply chain in the domestic and overseas markets.

We also strive to provide an alternative payment solution for the underbanked merchants globally so that they can be empowered to expand their businesses in any part of the world without the limitation of technology or otherwise.

To provide a payment solution that is:

  • Leveraging on blockchain technology for secure and transparent transaction;
  • Providing Merchant with a faster settlement timeframe; and
  • Providing the Unbanked an equal opportunity.